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Private Dentist Haslemere


Who are Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre

Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre is a well-established, private dentist based in Haslemere, Surrey that offers an extensive range of treatments in general and advanced dentistry including Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, as well as Anti-Ageing treatments.

Our experienced team provide specialist dentist treatment and care to all patients and ensures all patients feel comfortable and calm whilst visiting the practice for treatment. We feel it is important to take the time to understand your needs to help you achieve a lifetime smile.

We are welcoming new private dental patients all the time and are expanding our team and operations to make sure that we can help as many people as possible. We are accessible 7 days a week, all year round including Christmas day for emergency appointments if you are a registered patient with us.

We are a team of highly skilled, award winning dental nurses, hygienists and dental surgeons who are committed to treating as many people in need as we possibly can.

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Advantages to using a private dentist

There are many advantages to using a private dentist, please see below:

  • Availability- These days, with public services seriously inadequately funded, it’s essential to be aware that you can still get necessary healthcare done. Oral health is regularly neglected or considered insignificant when people don’t have convenient access to the care they need – and making sure your oral health is a priority should be at the top of everyone’s list!
  • Quality time- Unfortunately, as mentioned before the NHS and public services are at breaking point if you can get an appointment. This means the dentist feels rushed or you get a very strict time frame. Treatments don’t all take the same amount of time so a private dentist allows for longer and more appropriate appointment lengths
  • Speed of service- In addition to having longer appointment times, we also have increased availability and flexibility should you need our services on short notice or want to bring some of your work forward.
  • Flexibility- Whereas a lot of NHS practices will open a standard 9-5, maybe half an hour either side if you are lucky, we offer a vastly superior service in this area. So if you need a private dentist Haslemere we are available every single day of the year including Christmas day, so its worth registering with us today to get that key benefit
  • Range of services- Due to the quality and range of tools available aswell as higher trained and depth of staff we can offer much more than your usual polish and clean or dreaded root canal. We off much more in the way of preventative oral measures to keep your mouth healthy. A very popular dental treatment we offer, more of an aesthetic is our stain removal and teeth whitening. A great smile can open doors in life, and gives you confidence.
  • Choice- Everyone deserves the right to choose what is best for them, and that includes our services. We are sure you will be delighted with all we have to offer, yet if at any moment there is something within our company that doesn’t make you feel comfortable then simply switch over to another private surgery without an issue.

Find out more today

The team at Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre are eager to hear from you! Whether your needs involve a simple phone call or an email, our knowledgeable staff will be available for any question or concern about our services. Contact us today and let’s get started on finding the perfect solution for you.

With our practice located a mere minute away from Haslemere Station on Kings Road, you can easily drop in anytime! We proudly receive patients from all over the area and make it simple for everyone to get here with great accessibility. So don’t hesitate – contact us today!

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