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Dentist For Nervous Patients in Surrey

IV sedation: reset the clock
on dental fear

Dentist for nervous patients anxiety creates a vicious cycle – you avoid the dentist, your dental problem puts you in pain, you undergo invasive treatment, you avoid the dentist again. It can be a difficult cycle to break, because the avoidance means you can’t gain control of your oral health. With dental sedation in Haslemere, we offer a proven solution. Combining analgesia and sedative, IV sedation provokes a state of deep relaxation and contentment. You will feel as though you are sleeping, though unlike with a general anaesthetic, your dentist will be able to rouse you if necessary to speak to you. IV sedation has an amnesiac effect, so you will leave with little or no memory of your treatment. Our in-house dental sedationist, Maslinda Mohamad, has undergone postgraduate training in the management of pain and dental anxiety for dental patients so that, when she’s not helping you with your root canal treatment, she is on hand to help you relax through your other dental procedures.

Maslinda Mohamad

Maslinda Mohamad

Practice Limited to Endodontics

BDS (Singapore), M Clin Dent (Endo) PGCert DentSed
GDC Registration Number - 76873

Maslinda graduated in Singapore in 1997 and has worked exclusively in endodontics since gaining her master’s degree at Guy's Hospital in 2002. She is happy to accept all endodontic referrals, and particularly enjoys the challenge of difficult cases, re-treatments and endodontic surgery. In 2015 Maslinda also gained an additional qualification, PGCert in Dental Sedation and Pain Management, enabling her to provide intravenous sedation for patients undergoing treatments with other clinicians at Stricklands.

In her spare time, Maslinda is a member of the local St John Ambulance team, providing First Aid assistance at many public events both locally and across the South of England. She also enjoys reading, running (having completed two marathons and several half marathons) and is a keen baker – much to the delight of the rest of the practice team who are always happy to sample her wares!


How is dental sedation different to general or local anaesthetic?

IV sedation is popular because it effectively bridges the divide between local and general anaesthetic. You won’t be completely unconscious, as with a general, but you’ll be in a state of deep, sleepy relaxation that means you’ll have very little awareness or memory of your dental procedure. The dentist will, however, be able to communicate with you if necessary.

If I’m conscious during dental sedation, won’t I will still feel anxiety about my treatment?

No. IV sedation uses a cocktail of drugs – analgesic and sedative – that induces a state of deep relaxation. Patients generally feel as though they’re sleeping. IV sedation also has an amnesiac effect, so patients rarely remember anything about their dental procedure and believe they slept through it all.

How long does it take for the effects to wear off?

You will be advised, in most cases, to spend up to 30 minutes in recovery after having dental sedation. The full effects of conscious sedation take 24 hours to wear off, so you’ll likely feel groggy for a time and you’ll need to arrange for an escort to drive you home and for someone to be with you at home until the effects have worn off. During this time, you won’t be allowed to cook, operate electrical machinery, make any critical decisions or use sharp implements.

How do I access reflexology or hypnotherapy services?

If we haven’t already suggested them for you, simply speak to a member of the team to find out more.