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Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a fixed and permanent solution to missing teeth, allowing you to eat, speak and laugh with complete confidence. Unlike dentures, which need to be removed daily for cleaning, and bridges, which require adjacent teeth to be filed down, implants look, feel and function just like healthy, natural teeth. At Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre, we have many years of experience carrying out dental implant procedures. With the expertise of a specialist oral surgeon and dentists with advanced training in implants available in-house, we can accept the most complex of implant cases – so even if you are missing all of your teeth, or you have experienced bone loss, you may still be able to consider dental implants at our Guildford dental centre.

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Dental Check Up

Advanced Restorations

At Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre, we can bring your natural smile back to life with a custom-made restoration at our Guildford dental centre. If you have very decayed or damaged teeth, a bespoke crown will, as its name suggests, cleverly cap your existing tooth. A bridge is used to replace missing teeth, comprising a prosthetic tooth or teeth, secured at each end by a crown. Made to your exact specifications of shape and shade, crowns and bridges are fabricated in a dental lab, usually from porcelain or a tooth-coloured composite. Today’s crowns and bridges look and feel very realistic – they no longer have a grey metal edge near the gum line and feel less bulky than the kind of restorations that were being made only a few years ago.

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Teeth Whitening

If you’re considering teeth whitening in Guildford, book an appointment at Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre so that we can confirm you’re a suitable candidate. We’ll then send your dental impressions to the lab, which will make bespoke whitening trays that fit your smile exactly. When they’re ready, we’ll give you your prescription whitening gel, pre-measured in individual syringes. Simply syringe the gel into your trays and wear them for the prescribed amount of time – this could be during the day or overnight; your dentist will recommend the best option for your needs. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll need to stick to a great hygiene routine to maintain the results, and you can use your trays in future for top-up treatments as needed.

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Maslinda Mohamad

Dental Sedation

Dental anxiety creates a vicious cycle – you avoid the dentist, your dental problem puts you in pain, you undergo invasive treatment, you avoid the dentist again. It can be a difficult cycle to break because the avoidance means you can’t gain control of your oral health. With dental sedation in Haslemere, we offer a proven solution. Combining analgesia and sedative, IV sedation provokes a state of deep relaxation and contentment. You will feel as though you are sleeping, though unlike with a general anaesthetic, your dentist will be able to rouse you if necessary to speak to you. IV sedation has an amnesiac affect, so you will leave with little or no memory of your treatment. Our in-house dental sedation, Maslinda Mohamad, has undergone postgraduate training in the management of pain and dental anxiety for dental patients so that, when she’s not helping you with your root canal treatment, she is on hand to help you relax through your other dental procedures.

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