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Emergency Dentist Godalming

Keep the tooth, not the toothache

If you need a root canal treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre, our emergency dentist Godalming has a special interest in root canals. Because her practice is limited entirely to this field, it means that we’re particularly experienced in this area, so you can feel extra-confident about getting root canal treatment in Surrey.

Today’s modern, high-tech root canal treatment is considered routine as getting a filling. It will eliminate your toothache, save your natural tooth, and prevent any further spread of infection.

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Female Suffering with Toothache

Your root canal explained

Signs & symptoms: root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp tissue, where the nerves inside the tooth are located, is diseased or infected. Symptoms include sudden toothache, swelling, pain on biting or sensitivity to hot and cold. Don’t ignore them, as they will ultimately develop into an abscess. Come and see us straight away.

Treatment: root canal treatment is gentle and high-tech, and usually carried out under a local anaesthetic, or sedation if required. Your dentist will isolate your tooth with a rubber dam, before opening up the tooth to remove the infected pulp. The tooth is then disinfected and sealed with a flexible material called gutta percha.

Follow-up: root canal treatment can leave your natural tooth weaker than before, so you may need to return to us for a dental crown.

First Visit

Book In For Emergency Dentist

Your first visit to our emergency dentist near Godalming will be for a full dental screening. This will include examination for oral cancer, gum health, jaw joints and muscles, and bite assessment, as well as a full dental examination. The consultation may include an examination using an intra-oral camera to show images from inside the mouth on the screen and/or a panoral radiograph. This will enable us to formulate a treatment plan and discuss options for your oral health.

In more complicated cases, an additional appointment will be made to discuss the conditions present and the most satisfactory treatment alternatives. During this visit, appointments will be scheduled, estimated fees given and payment options discussed.

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Maslinda Mohamad

Maslinda Mohamad

Practice Limited to Endodontics & Dental Sedation

BDS (Singapore), M Clin Dent (Endo) PGCert DentSed
GDC Registration Number - 76873

Maslinda graduated in Singapore in 1997 and has worked exclusively in endodontics since gaining her master’s degree at Guy's Hospital in 2002. She is happy to accept all endodontic referrals, and particularly enjoys the challenge of difficult cases, re-treatments and endodontic surgery. In 2015 Maslinda also gained an additional qualification, PGCert in Dental Sedation and Pain Management, enabling her to provide intravenous sedation for patients undergoing treatments with other clinicians at Stricklands.

In her spare time, Maslinda is a member of the local St John Ambulance team, providing First Aid assistance at many public events both locally and across the South of England. She also enjoys reading, running (having completed two marathons and several half marathons) and is a keen baker – much to the delight of the rest of the practice team who are always happy to sample her wares!


Why would I need root canal treatment?

There are lots of reasons your tooth might become infected – deep decay due to cavities or gum disease, cracked fillings or crowns, and damage as a result of trauma, or even teeth grinding. Root canal treatment will prevent the need for tooth extraction, which in turn can prevent further oral health problems.

What are the symptoms?

Early signs that you might need root canal treatment include toothache, acute sensitivity to hot and cold foods or liquids and discomfort when chewing. When the infected pulp dies, these symptoms may temporarily subside – but don’t be tempted to put off seeing your dentist. When the infection spreads to the root canal, those early symptoms return more aggressively, often including an abscess. If this happens, contact Stricklands Dental Fitness Centre for an emergency appointment.

Will I need to take time off for a root canal?

You can carry on as normal once your local anaesthetic has worn off, though the full healing period will take around a week – just be careful with what you eat and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

Not if it’s carried out to a high standard. Our root canal dentist, Maslinda, uses electronically delivered anaesthesia to ensure instantaneous and effective numbness to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

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