We offer a number of sedation options for our nervous patients.

Oral sedation simply involves taking a tablet (which may be prescribed by your family doctor) to help relax you before your visit.

RA. (relative analgesia), also known as 'happy gas', helps nervous and apprehensive patients to relax during treatment. It is a mixture of nitrous oxide and air and is very safe. You remain in a cooperative state of consciousness and the effects wear off very quickly. The dentistry is carried out under local anaesthesia so you don't feel any pain.

For more complex treatments we offer intravenous sedation administered by Dr Maslinda Mohamad BDS M Clin Dent (endo) PGCert DentSed and Mrs Debbie Lloyd BDS DipDSed. This is delivered via an injection, usually into the back of your hand. This makes you feel drowsy and relaxed, but still able to cooperate with our team. Most patients say it is just like going to sleep, and you can remember nothing about the treatment afterwards.